Pre-selection conditions and entry form

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Once you have filled in the entry form, you will get the message below on display. You will receive an email with a link to pay the submission fee by credit card. After the payment you will receive a second email with instructions to send the film....

If after filling in the form the system brings you back to this opening screen and you do not receive any confirmation email, the registration has not been successful.  


To submit a film you must:

  1. Comply  with the Mostra regulations and pre-selection conditions
  2. Fill in the online pre-entry form by June 15th 2018
  3. Pay an entry fee of 120 Euros for full-length films, VR works and of 60 Euros for short films
  4. Upload your film at the web link you will receive or send it to the  Festival’s address by June 15th 2018 (as attested by postmark date or the date on the AWB). For short films only the file upload is admitted. For VR film check the regulations.

Films can be selected for:

The Official Selection:

  • Venezia 75 (competition)
  • Out of Competition
  • Orizzonti (competition):  full-length films (60' or more) and short -length films (no more than 20')
  • Venice Classics (documentaries about Cinema)
  • Sconfini
  • Venice Virtual Reality

The Direction of the Festival decides which section a film can participate in

Download the regulations             

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